As a longtime traffic reporter in Houston and San Diego, I was pleased to see the article “Night Owl” (Winter 2018) on traffic reporter Katherine Whaley ’04. I got my start in broadcast journalism even before attending Rice doing public service radio programs for several stations in the metro Houston area. Although I enjoyed my two years at Rice — especially my filmmaking classes — I ended up graduating from San Diego State University. After retiring from the California Highway Patrol in 2005, where I often appeared on the air representing the CHP, I went to work as a traffic, special reports and breaking news reporter for several San Diego outlets. It was nice to see this recognition. — Phil Konstantin ’78

Editor’s Note: See Konstantin in action as a traffic reporter here.

While reading about Professor Moshe Vardi’s research in “We Don’t Know” (Winter 2018), I noted his statement: “If we make reliable self-driving cars, that would have a huge impact.” I certainly was “struck” by his comment. — Stephen M. Cohen ’89

I just caught up on the Fall 2017 issue of Rice Magazine. I was delighted to learn that a Rice grad directed the “Hello, Dolly!” orchestra (“You’re Looking Swell”). I was lucky to snag a fifth-row seat with a partial view of the orchestra and had no idea I was hearing the work of a fellow Owl, Andy Einhorn ’04. The music was sensational. — Katy Turner ’10


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