Alumni Books

God, Improv, and the Art of Living
By MaryAnn McKibben Dana ’94
(William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2018)

MaryAnn McKibben Dana ’94, an ordained pastor and improv student, explores seven principles of improvisational comedy and applies them to Christianity and day-to-day living. She incorporates personal examples and practical exercises in each chapter, making the material suitable for both individual reading and group discussion. With a straightforward yet playful voice, Dana offers a unique perspective in this “guidebook on the art of living.”


The Kid’s Last American Adventure
By Dale Hueppchen ’70
(Maine Authors Publishing, 2018)

After learning he has less than a year to live due to cancer, Adam (aka the Kid) sets out on a road trip across the U.S. with his friend, Noah, who narrates the duo’s adventures. Along the way, the friends discuss a variety of topics, from art and literature to science and sports. Prolific writer Larry McMurtry ’60 also has a significant presence in their coast-to-coast journey.


The 90-Day Play: The Process and Principles of Playwriting
By Linda Walsh Jenkins ’66
(The 90-Day Novel Press, 2017)

Linda Walsh Jenkins ’66, a theater professor at Northwestern University, offers readers a 90-day guide to writing the first draft of a play. A useful tool for aspiring playwrights and teachers alike, the book combines the fundamentals of playwriting with daily exercises for a hands-on learning experience. With this guide, Jenkins achieves the feeling of face-to-face instruction, but from the comfort of one’s own home.


Of Monkey Bridges and Bánh Mì Sandwiches: From Sài Gòn to Texas
By Oanh Ngo Usadi ’95
(O&O Press, 2018)

From growing up on an orchard in Vietnam to refugee camps to settling in Port Arthur, Texas, Oanh Ngo Usadi ’95 takes readers on the journey of her childhood in this touching memoir. Juxtaposing the struggles of an immigrant family alongside humorous memories from her youth, Usadi offers insight into what it means to become American — complete with her father’s quirky, bánh mì-inspired American dream.