Image courtesy of Darryl Stephens ’90

FALL 2018

I received two items in the mail that caused a double take. I’m still not sure what to make of this parliament of Gen Next models appearing passionate and purposeful [on the cover of the Fall 2018 issue]. I sense an intentionality of messaging, but I can’t quite determine whether I’m supposed to be inspired about undergarments or higher education at an elite university. Can you help me distinguish between the messaging conveyed by these two images?  — Darryl Stephens ’90

P.S. I enjoyed the young Owl profiles and will share them with my teenage son. 

Editor’s Note: This letter is a HOOT. While we were not jockeying for that marketing message, we did find the juxtaposition to be revealing. Underneath it all, don’t we all aspire to be Owls?

Seriously, thanks for sharing these cool stories with your son!


As Rice’s only master of wine, I really enjoyed Belinda Chang’s article about matching wines to Rice’s colleges. Amusing and mostly apt. — Patricia Crosby Stefanowicz ’76

Editor’s Note: After reading the Summer 2007 Rice Magazine profile of Stefanowicz — an architect turned wine expert who holds a coveted master of wine certificate — we reached out to her via email for an update. Here are five things we learned.

Stefanowicz is an expert in sparkling wines. 

She is also a liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Educators and of the Worshipful Company of Architects in the City of London.

Currently, she is an international wine judge and wine educator in the U.K., France and North America.

Stefanowicz continues to design and manage construction projects, mainly in the U.K., including a winery project in France at La Verriere for Chene Bleu.  

The multitalented alumna also makes wine in London from her 14 vines of Madeleine Angevine; in good vintages, she can achieve 20 bottles.