Dear Editor:

I found the latest Rice Magazine most interesting. I was particularly interested in the extensive article about the Baker Institute. I have admired Mr. Baker’s many contributions to our nation’s foreign policy and his fine model to young people. I was fortunate to hear him talk here in Lake Jackson many years ago. His contributions do not seem to diminish. — Emily B. Osborn ’47

We use an email survey and Google Analytics to gauge what our readers are paying attention to. Here are some reader favorites and comments about the Winter 2019 issue.

Most-read feature

“A Bold Step”: The Rice Investment, a plan to make college more affordable for students from middle-and lower-income families, builds on the legacy of Rice’s founding vision.

“Rice Institute had no tuition when I matriculated in 1959, and that was a factor in choosing Rice over MIT or Caltech. I am extremely happy about the new financial aid policy.”

 “A good article, which was not an overblown, self-congratulatory, ‘Look how good we are.’”

 “One of the highest-impact actions Rice has taken in years!”

Most-read department 

Abstract: A roundup of research findings and scholarly endeavors

 “My favorite section. It’s fascinating to read about research happening around campus.

Favorite reader comment”

Night Owl: “On the Mat”

“Rice experience shows up in the strangest places!”

Most-read stories:

“The Teachers’ Teacher” shares an interview with Josh Eyler, the director of Rice’s Center for Teaching Excellence.

“The Education of Ben Rhodes” is a story about Rhodes ’00 and his new book, “The World as It Is: A Memoir of the Obama White House.”