Dear Editor:

I just happened to thumb through the Spring 2019 issue [“Bistro Love,” Page 43] and said to my wife, Laura, “Hey, our son is in this magazine!” Most people would not know Trey’s journey to the culinary world. After graduating from Rice with a degree in economics, he started law school in fall 2006. Over Thanksgiving break, he came home and announced that he had decided that he would never practice law; instead, he intended to apply to The Culinary Institute of America — he did and was accepted. Trey has been in New Orleans since graduating — except for the year and a half he spent at Romantik Hotel Spielweg under the tutelage of Karl-Josef Fuchs. Last spring, he opened Saint-Germain with two business partners. To say we are proud parents would be an understatement. His education, entrepreneurial spirit and readiness for the world all started at Rice in 2002. — Roger Smith, Texarkana, Texas

Kudos on the new design! Fully understanding that editing is, for better or worse, at least as much about streamlining as inclusion, I offer a suggestion. What if “Alumni Books” were to include other publications? I’m thinking of the many brilliant audio recordings regularly released by my Shepherd School colleagues. I’d love to think that within this community of staggeringly smart and curious people, plenty would enjoy exploring insightful connections across disciplines in their listening as much as in their reading choices. — Kyle Bruckmann ’94

Editor’s note: Great idea, Kyle! Look for recordings and publications in the Fall 2019 issue.

I am enjoying the Spring 2019 issue of Rice Magazine. I realize space in any print publication is precious, but I think that “Plié & Lead” [Page 38] made a generalization. [The author] wrote, “Society encourages people who excel in creative fields — dance, music, writing, the visual arts — to be independent and somewhat solitary.” Well, sometimes. I agree that writing, creating visual art and composing are usually solitary pursuits, but performing artists usually collaborate. I’m not saying such students have nothing to learn about leadership — leading a group of peers is very different from interfacing with the outside world. But to characterize people who excel in dance and music performance as solitary seemed to me to be silly. 
— George Michael Sherry ’74

Homework Assignment

Pete Emmet ’96, who earned a Ph.D. in geology at Rice, wrote  that he has been drawn to poetry as both a reciter and, occasionally, an author. He accepted our creativity challenge [“Variations on a Theme,” Page 42, Spring 2019] and sent a “single variation to explain my understanding of the content of the poem using a similar meter and rhyme scheme.” Thank you, Pete.

Variation on The Soul selects her own Society by Emily Dickinson 

Each one may choose a special private friend

Others ignore

One’s sovereign choice until the bitter end

Yield to this score!

With hardened heart she sees him proffer

Useless regrets

Humiliation he might choose to suffer

No warmth begets

Exclusion is the greatest heartache


Friendship now exchanged for heartbreak