Photo by Jeff Fitlow

RICE STUDENTS HAVE A NEW PLACE TO HANG OUT on campus, thanks to the winners of a 2015 Rice School of Architecture minicharrette. Called The Hangout, the winning design features 12 moveable hammocks and 14 poles. The hammocks can be configured in 729 different arrangements, allowing students to adapt the space to fit their needs.

The hammocks have been a hit with students and even the occasional faculty member since they debuted in October. They’ve been used for studying, outdoor teaching, or simply as a place to kick back and relax.

Geneva Vest ’17, one of the eight juniors and seniors who designed The Hangout, explained that they wanted to create something that “would get people out of the air-conditioning and into a more natural setting.” The installation’s spot between Fondren Library and the Humanities Building is enclosed by buildings but open to the fresh air, giving students a shady, yet accessible, place to relax.